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Expungement of Criminal Records

A criminal record can have numerous adverse consequences: It can affect your right to vote, to own or possess a firearm, to receive certain state and/or federal benefits and may affect certain professionals whose occupations requre licensure.

By definition, expungement of a criminal record means that the defendant returns to the status they were before the offense and that person shall not suffer any effects or disabilities from the crime.

Certain dispositions, such as dismissal of the case or diversion, can afford the opportunity to have your record expunged. Normally, however, a conviction absent diversion can never be expunged.


On July 1, 2012, Tennessee Code Annotated 40-32-101 was amended to allow certain eligible offenders with a permanent conviction to petition the convicting court to have their record expunged. Eligible offenders consist of individuals with certain misdemeanor and class E felony convictions over 5 years old.

MAY, HAGAN & TODD can assist individuals who wish to take advantage of this new opportunity as well those charged with new offenses who want to ensure their records remain clean.